Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Days of campaigning


Just had a nice chat with my County Supervisor Andy Kallin, who is taking advantage of the weather today to campaign door-to-door. Among the gossip he passed on was that Alderman Larry Nelson (D) is out campaigning door-to-door this weekend. I know that State Rep. Ann Nischke (R) is out there door-to-door as well.

Kallin is in favor of 25 supervisors, will consider nineteen, and at 11 he feels we should just move to a five or seven member commission form of government for the county.

Meanwhile, the petition drive continues. Chris Lufter of the Waukesha Taxpayers League announced yesterday,

The Waukesha Taxpayers League website has had the busiest week ever, with 3000 page loads and 700 first time visitors. The citizens of this community have enthusiastically responded to the actions of the Waukesha County Board this week.

If you are looking to join the Waukesha Revolution, here’s what’s happening:

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