Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Decisions, decisions


As Owen at Boots & Sabers first reported, State Senator Glenn Grothman has chosen the Gallipoli option and is taking on popular incumbent Senator Herb Kohl.

The upside for Grothman is that this is a “free shot” – his state sentate seat doesn’t come up for another two years. The downside is that it will hardly strain Senator Kohl’s resources to trash Grothman’s reputation forever.

As Chris at Spotted Horse has been pointing out to anyone that’s willing to listen, this does not help Republicans. Look for Kohl ads to tie Grothman to Green and then paint them both as extreme.

The only thing Grothman’s challenge may do is cause the Senator to miss a Bucks game or two. Or worse, “Lenny, I’m going to be busy for a couple of weeks. You’re in charge.”

Seriously, until Grothman files the nomination papers, Senator Kohl’s money is sitting on the sidelines. I’m normally an “every race needs to be contested” kinda guy, but that’s what you have Gerald Lorge around for.

By the way, I received an e-mail tonight from Bob Dohnal asking my help in getting signatures for Grothman. At least I think it was, but I’m still having trouble opening the attachment.

If Grothman hands in those signatures Tuesday, we wish him nothing but success – the damn fool.

Meanwhile, in the 8th Congressional District, some are speculating why State Representative Terri McCormick has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow. The press release doesn’t give a reason for the conference, but speculation is that she is dropping out. However, GOP3 throws a wet blanket on that hope.

Memo to McCormick: If the only way you can get reporters to your press conferences is to encourage speculation you’re dropping out, you should drop out.

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