Monday, May 20th, 2019

Definitely a hearsay blog at the Journal Sentinel


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Bruce Vielmetti wrote a cheap shot attack on state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman disguised as coverage of the federal court case regarding the state’s voter photo ID law. Vielmetti quoted Nancy Marcus, a former law clerk for ex-state Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler, saying Gableman is a racist.

Vielmetti does nothing in the article to connect Marcus’ slander of Justice Gableman to the issues of the voter ID case. The charge of racism is just repeated by Vielmetti without any explanation of the allegation’s relevance.

Worse, no supporter of Gableman is quoted defending the justice, nor does it appear the justice himself was contacted. Vielmetti even brings up the old charge of Gableman’s campaign against Butler using a supposedly racist ad without contacting any of the people involved or mentioning any of the debate concerning the ad at the time.

This was just an opportunity for a cheap shot by repeating an attack on Gableman’s character, and Vielmetti took it.

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