Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Deluxe apartments in the sky


I know I’m late in the process on this and all the dominos are conveniently falling, but tomorrow night the Waukesha Plan Commission is supposed to approve the plan for the Kendal Loft Apartments along the Fox River. I get the idea that we want to encourage a built-in, young, urban-professional population right on top of the retail downtown. I also understand that it’s difficult to include first floor retail when that’s going to be some parking for the tenants.

However, the parking situation reminds me of the absurd promises made when the baseball stadium at Frame Park was proposed. I find it almost impossible to believe that the new residents are going to cheerfully park their second cars across the river.

The proposal is probably going to pass. I’ve been told that the mayor and the developers are for it, and there isn’t much opposition to it. However, I hope that someone seriously questions the dopey thinking behind the parking mess they are about to create on the west end of Main Street.

I’m betting there won’t even be room for bicycle racks.

By the way, if you think it occasionally gets noisy after 10:00 PM now, wait until everyone is scrambling to find a parking spot after the bars and restaurants close. It’s going to be the West End Demolition Derby. At least I know who will supply the popcorn. I wonder if they have a push cart.

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