Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Democrats start petition drive to get rid of Graeme Zielinski and Mike Tate


When in doubt, start the finger pointing:

We, the people of Wisconsin, believe that, in order to reflect the will of it’s people, the Democratic Party must be responsive to the people it represents and present a strong alternative governance model that increases democratic participation and community input into the political process.

We demand immediate resignation by Mike Tate, Chairman, and Graeme Zielinski, Spokesman, of the Wisconsin Democratic Party for a failure of leadership and a failure to collaborate with, allow input from, or understand the grassroots movement that has blossomed in Wisconsin since Scott Walker was inaugurated as Governor.

Could be worse. The petitioners could wait for the Wisconsin Democratic Party convention this weekend in Appleton and slap the two party leaders. (I bet those hospitality suites will be a blast.)

The good news for Tate and Zielinski is that an online effort has sprung up to save their jobs with the Democratic Party. The Republican Party of Dane County and Vicki McKenna are supporting the petition drive online to save Zielinski and Tate.

After all his recent “victories”, the Gubernatorial recall election, the 2010 US senate election, the 2010 Gubernatorial election, two 2010 congressional seats, the senate majority, the assembly majority…and because darnit, we Republican just heart Graeme. Don’t let the DPW fire him! He’s GOOD for Wisconsin!

It’s the least the Dane County GOP could do after all the entertainment Zielinski and Tate have given us.

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