Monday, November 20th, 2017

Dems like to have a Koch and a smile, too


Those evil Koch brothers who spend all of their time thinking up right wing schemes to rule the world have the sneakiest plan yet. They’re going to buy some liberal politicians, too, right here in Wisconsin.

What is less known is that the Democratic Party is also in on the Tea Party moment in Wisconsin – dipping into the funds offered by a key Tea Party supporter during recent elections.

Campaign Finance Reports filed with the State of Wisconsin from 2008 until 2011 indicate that key Democratic Party officials in the State Assembly and the Democratic Party as a whole have taken campaign contributions from the Koch Industries Inc. Political Action Committee (PAC). This PAC is operated by the infamous Koch brothers, key funders and architects of the Tea Party Movement. From 2008 until 2011 the Democrats took thousands of dollars in funds including contributions made to the losing campaign of controversial ex-Speaker of the Assembly Mike Sheridan.

Current Democratic Wisconsin State Assembly Representatives Gordon Hintz and Cory Mason both accepted funds from the Koch brothers in July 2010 as part of their reelection campaigns. Hintz and Mason received payments of $250. Other Democrats did the same during failed campaigns including Pedro Colon who ran for the Mayor of Milwaukee, Russ Decker a member of state Senate, Jim Nelson, a former Assemblyman who ran for Lieutenant Governor, former Assemblyman James Soletski and former Assembly Speaker Sheridan.

The Koch Brothers covered all bases in July 2009 when they delivered contributions directly to both the Republican and Democratic Parties. The State Senate Democratic Committee received $3,000, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin $5,000 and the Assembly Democratic Committee another $3,000.

I’m sure the Democrats are feeling terribly guilty about taking the money. I bet they would answer the phone from a billionaire, too.

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