Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Despite concerns over vote fraud, GAB still says no ID required


This week’s article for the MacIver Institute is concerned about the lack of progress in taking simple steps to stymie voter fraud:

A group of activists concerned with potential voter fraud launched the “We’re Watching Wisconsin Elections Campaign.” They encouraged people to contact their local clerks to require photo identification before a ballot can be issued in their name. The process would be completely voluntary. All it would require of the clerk is to note “ID REQUIRED” next to the name of the person that requested it.

The GAB ruled that because there is not legislation authorizing the clerks to make such a notation, the clerks should not accept any such requests from voters. The GAB did not find a law that would prohibit such notations before issuing their ruling. Nor could they provide any evidence that a voter would be disenfranchised by making the request of the clerk to require a photo ID as it would be purely voluntary. Nonetheless, the GAB decided against allowing such a simple step to prevent voter fraud.

Interestingly, a bill in the state legislature that would have required clerks to comply with “ID Required” requests by voters was stopped without a vote by Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan.

A bill sponsored by State Representative Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha) and State Senator Ted Kanavas (R-Brookfield) would have allowed people to make the request of the clerk to put a notation next to their names in the voter registration list to require a photo ID. Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan (D-Janesville) prevented the bill from consideration in the Assembly in a parliamentary maneuver. Sheridan moved the bill from the Committee on Elections and Campaign Reform to the Rules Committee on April 9th. By moving the bill so close to the end of the legislative session, Sheridan prevented the bill from sitting in the committee the 21 days necessary before a pulling motion could be made on the floor of the Assembly. Sheridan’s maneuver saved his fellow Democrats from an embarrassing vote against a measure that would have helped prevent voter fraud.

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