Thursday, January 17th, 2019

Did INdustri Cafe make an industrial-sized mistake?

1 did a feature on INdustri Café and their new chef, “Dan Morales.” However, Waukesha’s George Wang points out that “Dan Morales” is known by a different name in Waukesha, “Chef Tony,” aka Ramon Antonio Mitre Hernandez.

Things that INdustri Café can look forward to: sexual assault, fighting in the street, domestic violence, and mismanagement.

Like most chefs, my biggest weakness is probably the front of the house. Throw me on the line on a Saturday night by myself, and I’ll make things happen; but if the servers walk out, I’m in trouble.

Unfortunately, missed the story that happened away from the front of the house and did not even mention the Morales/Hernandez experience in Waukesha. Aside from the destructive behavior, Hernandez also hurt investors that trusted him in Waukesha. (By the way, did Chef Josie Smith-Malave ever get paid for her appearance at D’Mo’s?)

Good news for Hernandez/Morales. INdustri Cafe believes in second chances. No word if the restaurant is going to take the advice of one foodie on Twitter,


But I will say I really liked the mussels.

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