Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Did Kloppenhamson concede yet?


I feel like Milo Bloom of the Bloom Beacon working the obituary desk calling old people to see if they’re still alive.

Has JoAnne Kloppenburg conceded the election yet?

After all, there is no way any recount is going to win the election for her. There is nothing to be gained from a recount. It’s just a big expense, for Kloppenburg, Justice David Prosser and the state of Wisconsin, that can be avoided. All it would succeed in doing is continue to stoke the left’s paranoia, and they won’t be satisfied with the recount results anyway.

The results are not going to change. It’s time for Kloppenburg to concede.

No fist is big enough to hide the sky.” – African proverb

By the way, are you enjoying Beaker singing Ode to Joy accompanied by the fireworks when you visit my site?

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