Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Did Mayor Jeff Scrima really insult Governor Scott Walker?


The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Don Behm reports Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima called Governor Scott Walker “an extremist” and compared him with President Barack Obama.

The first-term mayor is comfortable in calling out Obama and Walker as extremists not for advocating extreme measures, as a dictionary might define the term, but for refusing to compromise, Scrima said Tuesday.

“Both Governor Walker and President Obama have failed to come to the center and compromise on issues,” he said. “Madison and Washington, D.C., are more polarized than they’ve ever been. At the local level, that does not help us.”

Scrima also told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter that had he known Walker was going to speak at a school choice event in Waukesha, Scrima would not have attended.

I’m going to throw out some free advice to Scrima’s three opponents. Tomorrow, put together a very simple postcard with Scrima’s insult of the governor on one side and a statement on the other side explaining you’re very proud you voted for Walker twice, supported him during the recall, and that you believe Act 10 has been good for the city of Waukesha.

Get it in the mail to every voter in the city so they receive it on Thursday.Trust me, it will be money well spent.

(Apparently Scrima’s faithful scribe at the Journal Sentinel Chris Kuhagen must have been too busy getting ready for the school dance to rescue Scrima from himself.)

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