Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Did she add, “And your little dog, too.”


Wonderful behavior on the part of the left in this state. Too bad we don’t have Democratic leaders with the character and sense of responsibility to condemn behavior like this:

As the bill was passed, a few onlookers in the gallery began shouting their displeasure. The gallery was less than half full, with some familiar faces in the crowd from protests inside the building over the last week.

“Welcome to Wisconsin, Jim Crow,” yelled one man who was escorted out by Capitol Police.

Others began to holler their disapproval as the session was adjourned, shouting their now-familiar “shame” chant.

“Remember this face,” yelled one young man as he was being ushered out. “I personally will make sure every one of you are running very contested,” he yelled.

“Especially you Nygren.”

That’s “future State Senator John Nygren” to you, lady.

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