Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Didn’t I see this on Seinfeld?


(From The Soup Nazi)

GEORGE: So, how was the movie?

JERRY: Aw, we didn’t go. Sheila and I are kind of on the outs.

GEORGE: Oh, yeah?

JERRY: Yeah. Wha – wha – what are you, happy?

GEORGE: Happy? Why should I be happy?

JERRY: I don’t know, but you look like you’re happy.

GEORGE: Why should I care?

JERRY: You can’t fool me. Don’t insult me, George because I know when

you’re happy.

GEORGE: All right. I am happy, and I’ll tell ya why — because the two of

you were making me and every one of your friends sick! Right, Elaine?

[Elaine sneaks out of Jerry’s apartment]

JERRY: Is that so?

GEORGE: Yeah. Yeah. With all that kissing and the schmuki, schmuki,

schmuki, schmuki, schmuki out in public like that. It’s disgusting!

JERRY: Disgusting?

GEORGE: People who do that should be arrested.

(Okay, it was childish and silly of me. What’s your point?)
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