Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Does Lehman have an extra pen for Doyle to sign bills with?


Interesting information just passed along from the Bill McReynolds for State Senate campaign in Racine. State Rep. John Lehman (D-Racine), McReynolds’ opponent, may be a bit uncomfortable when Governor Doyle does his “Capitol for the Day” bit in Racine tomorrow:

Governor Doyle’s campaign web site highlights several of the most important instances where the Legislature led and the Governor followed on job creation bills. Lehman voted against nearly every one. The bills listed by Doyle’s campaign include:

“Eliminating the tax on job creation.”
This refers to 2003 SB 197, which passed the Assembly 67-24. Lehman voted NO.

Enacting “the most sweeping regulatory reform in the Midwest.”
This refers to 2003 AB 655, which passed the Assembly 80-14. Lehman voted NO.

“Investing $65 million in start-up companies through the use of angel and venture investor tax credits.”
This refers to 2003 SB 261, which passed the Assembly 93-6. Lehman voted NO.

“Repealing the sales tax on energy used by manufacturers.”
This refers to 2003 AB 507, which passed the Assembly 85-14. Lehman voted NO.

Someone should tell Lehman that it’s tough to win in a swing district when the visitor from Madison, Governor Doyle, is more moderate than you are.

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