“Doing it” for art

by James Wigderson | November 8, 2013 7:39 pm

A nineteen-year-old boy is going to lose his virginity as an art project[1] in a homosexual act with a friend of his in front of an audience.

He will ask spectators about their takeaways after he has sex with his friend, particularly focusing on if the audience witnessed things change between the two partners–though some gay activists told HuffPost UK that they think the performance, set to take place Jan. 25, risks cheapening the community’s sexual relationships.

Well, cheapening the act of sex is definitely a concern. We used to call this type of behavior gay porn. I’d comment on the attempted shock value but, really, how much shock value does this even have anymore? Now it’s just boring.

I’ll just say that it’s clear the boy is too immature to have thought this through. Has he considered the possibility of stage fright? What about the reviews?

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