Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Don’t look up


To stop protestors from damaging the Capitol by releasing balloons into the dome, our wonderful Department of Administration has decided to install a net.

The net was installed just above the fourth floor railing before the Capitol opened Friday.

It comes after police arrested a state worker for allegedly popping a protester’s balloon Monday.

The state worker allegedly popped a protester’s balloon at the state Capitol on Monday and pushed the woman into a door.

Protesters have been bringing balloons into the building and releasing them to the top of the rotunda, requiring state workers to retrieve them.

There is an easier way of dealing with the problem while still preserving the aesthetics of the Capitol dome. Have the cops issue disorderly conduct tickets to anyone who intentionally releases a balloon in the dome.

Better yet, issue disorderly conduct to the protest singers for not getting a permit and disrupting Capitol business.

I know, that would mean *gasp* enforcing the law.

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