Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Dorow out, Farrow likely next County Exec


As you may have seen on RightWisconsin this morning, where I reported this first, Brian Dorow is not running for Waukesha County Executive. That means as of now State Sen Paul Farrow is practically running unopposed. One other person, a former candidate for alderman in Pewaukee, has taken out paperwork in the race.

As I explain over at RightWisconsin, Farrow’s likely election as county executive sets up another interesting contest.

With Farrow’s move to county executive, the speculation and behind-the-scenes maneuvering can begin for the potential open state senate seat. Among the potential candidates would have to be State Rep Chris Kapenga, who ran for the seat previously and is making a name for himself pushing Right to Work legislation. Dorow, who previously lost to Kapenga in a state assembly race, could also be a potential candidate, or he could wait to see if Kapenga wins the senate seat. State Rep Adam Neylon could also be a potential state senate candidate.

On this afternoon’s program, WISN’s Mark Belling strongly supported Dorow to run for something, possibly to replace Farrow. Belling also suggested a local realtor might still jump into the race for county executive. If they’re going to announce, they better announce it soon.

Meanwhile, Farrow is holding a fundraiser / open house this Sunday at his home. Details are on Facebook. The “special guest” is current Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas.

(Unfortunately, as much as I like to make it to as many campaign events as I can, I have a previous engagement.)

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