Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

Down up down for Byrd


If you’re paying attention to the flags this Independence Day weekend, you might notice the flags are going up and down like yo-yos. It’s the result of the lowering of the flag to honor Senator Robert Byrd.

President Barack Obama this week ordered that flags at federal buildings across the nation be flown at half-staff through the day of Byrd’s burial – but he made an exception for Independence Day.

Under the presidential proclamation, the flags will fly high on Sunday, then return to half-staff until sunset Tuesday, the day Byrd is to be buried at Columbia Gardens Cemetery in Arlington, Va., next to his wife of almost seven decades, Erma.

I understand lowering the flag for Byrd because of his length of service (although I think Obama could have been forgiven for not honoring the ex-Klansman who conducted the longest filibuster in Senate history against a civil rights bill). But I don’t understand why the President didn’t just ask that the flags get lowered on Monday, especially taking into account the number of businesses that are closed Sunday.

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