Friday, November 24th, 2017

Downloading Download 2006


“The first annual” Download 2006, a conference of Wisconsin political bloggers organized by Cory Liebmann of One Wisconsin Now and co-sponsored by Boots & Sabers, was just a great event on Saturday and I was glad I was asked to participate. Among the politicians in the room, Waukesha Mayor Larry Nelson and former Republican candidate for Secretary of State Sandy Sullivan.

One Wisconsin Now had everyone sign-in, so if your name is not on the attendance sheet we’ll let you know as soon as possible when you can take the remedial course.

Gretchen Schuldt has some of the audio posted already on her blog Milwaukee Rising. The audio clip is from the second panel of the afternoon (Owen Robinson of Boots and Sabers, Kevin Binversie of Lakeshore Laments, Jay Bullock of folkbum’s Rambles and Rants, and Seth Zlotocha of In Effect) discussing Governor Doyle.

Sean Hackbarth notes the liberals in attendance were not in a gloating mood,

It was a post-election analysis along with a meet-and-greet. I was pleased the Left didn’t gloat over the Democrats’ victories. I was fully prepared for it. They understand the election wasn’t so much hiring the Democrats as much as firing the Republicans. That makes 2008 very important. We will have some idea whether there was a Republican and/or conservative (not necessarily the same) realignment or a shift in the public’s mood to the Left.

Nick Schweitzer offers some further thoughts on the event and some of the conclusions offered by the panelists.

Update! Scott Feldstein had a couple of posts from the locus in quo.

Bloggers’ most important role is to “do journalists work for them”? I don’t recognize the panelist who said this, but I don’t know what she’s smoking. She’s saying (I think) that it’s our role to force journalists to pick up stories that they wouldn’t otherwise report. I think this occasionally does happen, but is it our most important role?

Elliot also had one, two comments on what was said and not said.

Update! Dean at Musings of a thoughtful Conservative has the list of attendees.

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