Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Dueling governors


Both Republican AG candidates received endorsements today from former governors.

Former federal prosecutor JB Van Hollen was endorsed today by former Governor Tommy G. Thompson.

“I am impressed with J.B. Van Hollen’s track record and I’m not alone. Based on a record of excellence as a local prosecutor, the President appointed him U.S. Attorney,” said Thompson, the longest serving Governor in Wisconsin history. “We’re lucky to have him running for attorney general and I’m confident J.B. will help get Wisconsin back in the right direction. I’m happy to endorse and support him.”

I’m surprised he could make up his mind.

Meanwhile, former Governor Lee S. Dreyfus endorsed Waukesha County District Attorney Paul Bucher.

Former Republican Gov. Lee S. Dreyfus said Thursday that Paul Bucher is the best candidate for Wisconsin Attorney General, praising Bucher’s record of accomplishment and saying Bucher is the reform candidate in the race who will “clean house” and rid Madison of political corruption.

“Paul Bucher has never been a part of the Madison establishment, and as a result he will come into that situation as an outsider and clean house,” Dreyfus said Thursday, officially announcing his endorsement of Bucher, the veteran Waukesha County District Attorney. “That is not true of the other candidates.”

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