Friday, November 24th, 2017

Duff-Man gets the ultimate reality TV endorsement


From a press release by the folks at the Sean Duffy for Congress campaign:

Sarah Palin endorses Sean Duffy

Duffy the first House challenger endorsed by Palin in 2010

[Ashland, WI] Former Alaska Governor and Republican 2008 Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin today announced her support for Ashland County District Attorney Sean Duffy. Duffy is the first challenger House candidate in America to receive her support this cycle.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Governor Palin’s endorsement,” Duffy said. “Today is the anniversary of Chairman Obey’s 787 billion dollar stimulus disaster. Governor Palin recognizes that we can send a powerful message to Washington about fiscal responsibility by defeating Congress’ biggest spender.”

Palin also encouraged her supporters to donate to Duffy’s February 17 “moneybomb,” which can be found at

From Governor Palin’s statement, released through her Facebook page:

“If you’re frustrated about the waste in the stimulus bill, please support a solid fiscal conservative who will work to repeal it. Please visit Sean Duffy’s website and help him help us correct the mistakes of this past year.

“On this first anniversary of the stimulus, let’s send a message to the big-spenders in Washington by helping Sean Duffy unseat the author of the stimulus. Let’s put government back on our side and get to work revitalizing America!”

Big news for them. I predict she’ll be a big hit with the hunters up north.

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