Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Dumbass Connecticut comments of the day


Some people never let a terrible event pass without taking the opportunity to say something completely stupid. The murders in Connecticut today have been truly inspirational to those people.

One Wisconsin Now, in a Facebook posting, actually points the finger at Governor Scott Walker,

By the way, Connecticut ended “the gun show loophole.” But don’t let the facts interfere with a chance for One Wisconsin Now to look stupid and reprehensible.

Then there’s James Causey, a columnist with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, who lets this one go,

“When was the last time al Qaeda walked into a small elementary school and opened fire killing 27, of which 18 were children?”

You know, one of them editor thingies that I hear they have over at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel might have made a suggestion or two before Causey looked like a complete idiot.

By the way, Causey’s solution is to have every gun owner pass a psychological examination. Causey is a gun owner. I wonder if he would have passed.

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