Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Dwight Armstrong is dead


One of the four Sterling Hall bombers, Dwight Armstrong, is dead from lung cancer according to The Wisconsin State Journal. He was 58 years old. On August 24, 1970, Armstrong, his brother Karleton Armstrong, Leo Burt, and David Fine bombed Sterling Hall in Madison with a van full of explosives to “protest” the Vietnam War. This was not the group’s first act of terrorism, but this time they killed researcher Robert Fassnacht.

Armstrong was convicted in 1977 after spending seven years as a fugitive from justice in Canada. He only served three years in prison for the murder of Fassnacht.

The Wisconsin State Journal quotes Armstrong as saying about the bombing, “I mean, something had to be done, something dramatic, something that showed people were willing to escalate this at home as far as they were willing to escalate it in Vietnam.” I’d hardly describe that as repentance for his crimes.

Armstrong never should have seen the light of day outside prison for his crimes. Serving only three years for the murder of Fassnacht was a pathetic miscarriage of justice, but Armstrong will answer to a higher judge now.

His fellow terrorist, Leo Burt, remains at large.

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