Sunday, August 25th, 2019

East of 124th Street election predictions


I forgot to include these predictions with my other list:

Milwaukee County Executive

County Executive Scott Walker will defeat State Senator Lena Taylor. The campaign was successfully framed about taxes, and buses and parks hardly stir the masses. Taylor should have focused on the pension scandal, but that would require her to know something about county government. The race will be closer than it should be, 53%-47%.

I also predict no allegations of vote fraud and the Democratic Party will not use a friendly judge to keep the polls open. That stuff happens in November.

Milwaukee Alderman
Michael McGee Jr will win re-election from jail. Some commentator (probably Joel McNally) will liken McGee Jr’s experience to Martin Luther King Jr’s stay in the Birmingham jail. There will be a rally in the next week to free McGee.

Alderman James Witkowiak will hold off a challenge from former Alderman Angel Sanchez.

City Attorney
Pedro Colon will lose to incumbent Grant Langley who successfully fought back. Colon will spend the off-season learning just what the City Attorney does.

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