Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Election tomorrow


The Wigderson Library & Pub normally does not make candidate endorsements, only product endorsements for a hefty fee. However, there is a race where I have taken more than a passing personal interest is the 57th Assembly District Republican Primary. Jo Egelhoff is a blogger and proprietress of FoxPolitics.net. She would also make an exceptionally bright and perceptive Assemblyman, a shortage of which we see on both sides.

Talking with some non-party types, Barb Larson-Lloyd would make a very interesting candidate for the office of Register of Deeds for Waukesha County. She is not a traditional politician and has worked over 20 years in the title insurance industry. She is running against a county supervisor Jim Behrend who seems to have the endorsement of the local party establishment.

Finally, there’s the Sensenbrenner-Burkee primary at the congressional level. Since Congressman Sensenbrenner is actually one of the good guys in the Republican Caucus, I really don’t understand why he has a primary opponent. I also really disliked Burkee’s plan to team up with the Democratic candidate before the Democrat dropped out. The whole race just seems unseemly. At best it’s just a waste of time. Tell the Libertarian Party to find some other way to win an election.

For those of you looking for a little help with your ballot, here is the Pro-Life Wisconsin Victory Fund list of endorsements and the Wisconsin Right to Life PAC-endorsed candidates.

If you’re looking for predictions, Sensenbrenner wins handily and Ruth Page Jones beats Steve Schmuki. None of Tom Reynolds’ candidates win.

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