Friday, November 24th, 2017

Ending a Civil War


Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett (D), who lost the governor’s race in 2010 and is hoping for a do-over, says he can end the “Civil War” he claims was started by Governor Scott Walker.

As long as Barrett is going to venture into Sillyland by comparing the current tantrum by the Left to a Civil War, we might as well ask which historical figure from 1861-1865 we might compare to Barrett. How about General George B. McClellan? He was completely ineffective on the battlefield, fired by President Lincoln, and then ran for president in 1864 with the Democratic Party platform promising to end the Civil War through negotiation.

Barrett might have studied enough history to know that McClellan lost.

Then there was the ridiculous remark by Barrett supporter State Rep. Terese Berceau (D-Madison), “”He won’t need a tunnel to get to work.”

That’s right. The Democrats whipped up an ugly mob that stalked, harassed and threatened Republican lawmakers and Berceau now uses that mob to justify a vote for Barrett. Is this a recall election or an extortion note?

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