Friday, November 17th, 2017

Endorsements in the 97th


A couple of notes about the endorsements County Supervisor Bill Kramer has received in the 97th Assembly Race. While the nomination signature process was still open and two months before the election, Kramer released in rapid succession press releases of endorsements by State Representative Ann Nischke, Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas, Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and now former Lt. Governor Margaret Farrow. Given who Supervisor Kramer’s campaign treasurer is, I would hardly note any of these endorsements as shocking.

The timing is interesting, of course. Supervisor Kramer was clearly hoping that these early endorsements would drive potential challengers away. Given the suddeness of the race, the amount of time Supervisor Kramer has spent preparing for the race, and the endorsements, it’s unlikely anyone from the party establishment is going to make a late entry.

Unfortunately for him, Supervisor Kramer has attracted a serious opponent in Chris Lufter, who has stepped down as head of the Waukesha Taxpayers League to run in the primary. More frustrating for Kramer, Lufter comes not from within the party (although she is a member of the party in good standing) but from her own base of support. She has more name recognition, is solidly pro-life, and has a strong record on taxes. The endorsements matter less to a campaign like Lufter’s than they would to Kramer’s, who is dependent on the party regulars for his support.

But it is worth noting at least one irony. Kramer was endorsed by Vrakas, but who endorsed Vrakas? It would be an interesting question to pose to Kramer at a candidate forum why he pursued Vrakas’ endorsement, but he withheld his endorsement of Vrakas.

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