Friday, November 24th, 2017

Enriquez receives McBride’s endorsement


wingtipsWaukesha Freeman columnist Jessica McBride endorsed Darryl Enriquez for Waukesha mayor today.

Darryl says he would differ from Nelson in several ways. He’d be more of a “taxpayer advocate,” he says (there’s that phrase again). That makes me happy because I own a house in Waukesha, and Nelson hasn’t managed to hold down my taxes. He says he’d be more of a leader and less of a partisan. So, don’t expect to hear Enriquez, as mayor, spouting off about presidential candidates. Not the mayor’s role.

Darryl says he’d be a tougher negotiator when it comes to Milwaukee-Waukesha issues, such as those relating to water. He unveiled a specific 10-point plan this week. Among the items that caught my attention: He wants capital projects to be put to public referendum. “It’s not government’s money, it’s the taxpayers’ money,” he says. Check.

He would fight for open government. He would work more closely with the school district and would make sure police have proper resources. Check-check-check.

He wants to increase governmental efficiencies, particularly in the area of purchasing and employee benefits. He wants to find a “marquee downtown summer event” to highlight Waukesha. He wants to keep taxes low and grow development. More checks.

In addition to Nelson, three other candidates are on the ballot in the Feb. 16 primary. The general election between the top two primary winners will be held April 6. The other candidates are a cop, an alderman, and a real estate broker.

If I lived in the city of Waukesha (versus just owning a home there), I’d vote for Enriquez. He’s an unknown as a manager, but I think he’s got the right positions and instincts.

Plus, I doubt we’d ever see him wearing Crocs and applauding Barack Obama.

That’s got to be worth something, too.

Unlike my Thursday column, McBride’s Saturday column is a whopping 75 cents to own the hard copy edition. Still a bargain.

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