Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

"Euros Accepted"


Oh no! Somebody call the Xenophobe Police! They’re accepting foreign currency in New York City!

“We had decided that money is money and we’ll take it and just do the exchange whenever we can with our bank,” Robert Chu, owner of East Village Wines, told Reuters television.

The increasingly weak U.S. dollar, once considered the king among currencies, has brought waves of European tourists to New York with money to burn and looking to take advantage of hugely favorable exchange rates.

“We didn’t realize we would take so much in and there were that many people traveling or having euros to bring in. But some days, you’d be surprised at how many euros you get,” Chu said.

“Now we have to get familiar with other currencies and the (British) pound and the Canadian dollars we take,” he said.

Maybe I should send out a press release. For those unfamiliar with the Wigderson Library & Pub policy on currency acceptance:

…if anyone wants to advertise on my blog, I’ll take dollars, pesos, Canadian currency, Euros, Rubles, Shekels, Yen, Yuan, Rupees, coin of the realm, coin of other realms, precious stones, the Rolling Stones, and free pizza.

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