Monday, November 20th, 2017

Every bad incumbent deserves a good challenge


Congressman Dave Obey may have an actual race on his hands. Republican Sean Duffy already has $120,000 on hand in his campaign account. Raising that kind of money that quickly this early in the game merits notice. Kevin Binversie comments:

This is very, very huge news. Not only does it show the Duffy Campaign is a viable entity early on, but it complicates Democratic plans to defend their House Majority. As a Committee Chair with as long a time in Congress as he does, traditionally guys like David Obey are to use their positions to raise money and then spread it across the rest of the caucus, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), and other seats seen as ‘threatened.’

If he is seen as having his own troubles, that means more of the Obey war chest must be used for himself, not other Democrats. It’s an age-old strategy in politics; keep the leader busy so they can’t help others. Assembly Democrats have used it the past two cycles with much success (obviously) under Mark Pocan.

Obey can always retire to his harmonica playing.

Where’s Feingold’s challenger?

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