Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Everyone play nice now


Ricky on State advises everyone in Waukesha to play nice.

If Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima wants to be a successful mayor – and we hope he is very successful – he needs to step back and consider one of the basic lessons of politics: To get something done, you have to be able to work well with others.

That doesn’t mean Scrima has to agree with the Common Council or city staff on every issue. Healthy debate is one of the foundations of democracy. But it does mean building trust and finding common ground on at least some issues. That’s one of the foundations of effective governance.

Scrima is not off to a terrific start. He’s at loggerheads with the council over the city’s application for Lake Michigan water and has alienated at least some aldermen. He also seems to have alienated some city staff, secretly recording one meeting and writing a deprecating memo about City Administrator Lori Luther’s job performance.

Janice Eisen in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (who steals my schtick about 124th street) also wonders about our mayor.

Then there’s new Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima’s sabotage of the city’s attempt to negotiate a water contract with Milwaukee to replace its radium-tainted water supply. He states that Waukesha still needs to study other options, all of which have been looked at in depth during years of exhaustive studies and rejected as impractical, too expensive or both.

Scrima and his supporters have a vague fear that the contract will enslave Waukesha residents to the crazed radicals who apparently run Milwaukee. The gist seems to be that Milwaukee will be able to impose onerous conditions.

That there’s no evidence to support this belief (aside from the occasional verbal bombs thrown Waukesha’s way by Milwaukee aldermen) does nothing to dispel it. Fear of Milwaukee needs no justification.

What should we do?

We could, as many Waukesha County dwellers would like, reinforce the wall, top it with barbed wire, add checkpoints, put up signs clearly declaring the minimum income required for entry, pretend that this county doesn’t need Milwaukee for its survival.

Or we could tear down that wall and learn to live together and cooperate, without all the name-calling and fear.

To all this, I say things could be worse.

The mayor of Wasilla doesn’t think he’ll face much competition from Levi Johnston come election season.

Upon hearing the news that Johnston, 20, plans to run for the office in 2012 as the premise of his new reality show, Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office, Mayor Verne E. Rupright tells Entertainment Tonight: “Well, it is a little early to declare. Usually most wait until the year the seat is up.”

I wonder what is Johnson’s position on expanding bike paths?

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