Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Everything you wanted to know about town of Waukesha politics neatly encapsulated in one crazy moment


Did I mention that the town of Waukesha just hired former Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus as town clerk just in time for the election? Yes, yes I did. Not only was she supported for the town clerk position by current town board member Joe Banske, she is also endorsed by former Town Board Chairman and current town board candidate Angie Van Scyoc.

angie endorses kathy

Who, after all, will forget this magic night?

Photo from Waukesha Patch

Photo from Waukesha Patch

Then there was Nickolaus’ million dollar error. Oops. Then there was the Supreme Court election she botched. (My fault. I jinxed it.) There was the time she tossed all the journalists from the clerk’s office after screwing up another election count. Of course I won’t forget the 97th Assembly race in 2006 and how she screwed that up and lied about it. And of course she screwed up the results in a special election in the 33rd Assembly District.

So she has a lot of election night experience.

Seriously, if the town of Waukesha is going to be so masochistic to actually hire Nickolaus, the correct way of saying thank you is, “Thank you Kathy. May I have another?”

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