Friday, November 24th, 2017

Executive Order Outrage, part two


With the collaboration of Congressman Bart Stupak in the passage of the federal health care bill today, the myth of the pro-life Democrat is over. The supposed compromise with a promise of an executive order to prevent the federal health care bill from funding abortion is nothing more than an ineffective cover for once pro-life Democrats to vote their party above principle.

Stupak’s vote will be remembered along with Democratic Senator Stephen Douglas’ support for “popular sovereignty” and the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act. Douglas’ support for legal slavery in the new states meant the end of the abolitionists finding a home in the Democratic Party, and Stupak’s vote will be remembered as the day the pro-life movement finally ends hope of support from Democrats.

The pro-life lesson learned today is that the most important vote a Democratic legislator casts is for the leadership of the party. Once that vote is cast, any hope is gone of that legislator being able to sustain their pro-life principles in the face of party pressures. Principle among Democratic politicians has given way to sustaining their faction.

The Republican Party, as it stood for the abolition of slavery at its birth in 1854, is today the party of the Pro-Life movement. The Democrats have chosen to be the party of death, and no member of the party will ever be able to stand for the pro-life movement again.

Update: Kathryn Jean Lopez at National Review, “I think we’re witnessing Bart Stupak write the obit for the concept of the “pro-life Democrat.”

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