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Fallone would bring politics into Supreme Court


Fallone would bring politics into Supreme Court

Pridemore needs better story

Waukesha Freeman 3/21/13 Page A8 Opinion

Marquette Law School professor Ed Fallone is running for the state Supreme Court against Justice Patience “Pat” Roggensack because the court has supposedly “become an embarrassment” and he “is sick of it,” according to one negative mail piece sent by his campaign. He wants to “end the politicking” and “ensure that all Wisconsinites have equal access to justice.”

I’m not sure how Fallone plans on ending the politicking.
At the top of the list on his Web page is Voces de la Frontera, an organization supposedly dedicated to the rights of illegal immigrants. This organization organized a boycott against Wisconsin- based Palermo’s Pizza because the company dared to comply with federal laws regarding employing illegal aliens. This track record earns them first place on the list of endorsements of Fallone by “community leaders.”

Fallone has been endorsed by the Madison Teachers, Inc., (who walked off the job during the protests in Madison), the Service Employees International Union, and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. These groups, representative of the state’s left wing, see the courts as a means to more power, not as a body that will stick to interpreting the law.

Fallone himself defended this philosophy when he wrote that he preferred believers in a “living constitution” (judicial activism) to those that believe in originalism in an article called “Sticking it to the Constitution.”

Fallone even signed the petition to recall Governor Scott Walker and then said that judges should not have to recuse themselves in cases involving the governor if they’ve signed the petition. How convenient for him, should he win.

But what should really bother voters is this insistence by Fallone that somehow he would stop the court from being an “embarrassment.”

He’s referred repeatedly to the case involving an altercation between Justice David Prosser and Justice Ann Walsh Bradley, complaining that Roggensack recused herself from involvement in any disciplinary procedure even though she was a witness to the incident.

However, Roggensack is not accused of any wrongdoing in the incident. And it’s silly to expect Roggensack to sit in judgment on a case in which she was a witness.

That leaves complaining that Roggensack’s version of events does not agree with Bradley’s version of events. Since Fallone wasn’t there he has no way of knowing what really happened. Apparently Fallone wants us to believe Bradley because she’s a liberal while Prosser and Roggensack are conservatives.

That’s not showing impartiality. It’s power politics, plain and simple.

* * * The other statewide race is for state superintendent for the Department of Public Instruction. I think the longer the title of the government official, the better off we would be if the position was abolished.

You may have read on Tuesday that the more conservative candidate, state Rep. Don Pridemore, has “blacklisted” me by putting me on a list of writers that had to submit their questions in writing.

Campaigns choose what reporters they’ll grant interviews to all the time. I might have a different opinion about being on Pridemore’s naughty list if I thought he had a chance of winning, but I’m not going to lose sleep over this.

However, Pridemore is now claiming ex-campaign aide Kyle Maichle, who created the list, misunderstood his instructions. Pridemore claims that the list was supposed to be writers that only he would speak to.

That is a curious tactic to take with “LIBERAL’S” (sic) who are supposedly twisting the candidate’s words. Actually, it would be an absurd tactic.

It’s also highly unlikely since the list said, “If the reporter requests an interview, they must submit their questions in a written form and they will receive a written response to only those questions we want to respond to.”

The list was created on Dec. 21 and no corrected instructions were ever issued to Maichle before he left Pridemore’s office at the end of January. I was added to the list after its creation and no correction in the instructions was made then either.

I would suggest that Pridemore fix his story. Nobody is buying it. And if Pridemore wants to get his message out, he should concern himself more about who he can talk to instead of who he doesn’t want to talk to.

(James Wigderson is a blogger publishing at and a Waukesha resident. His column runs Thursdays in The Freeman.)

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