Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Favre retired. Other people doing stuff.


Steve Schmuki (D) is going to need better luck than this if he hopes to defeat State Rep Bill Kramer (R) in November. Schmuki announced his candidacy today in the 97th Assembly District*.

Attorney Steven D. Schmuki of the Town of Waukesha today announced his candidacy for the 97th Assembly District of Waukesha. Schmuki previously ran for the office in 2006 and lost to Bill Kramer (R-Waukesha).

“I ran in 2006 because I felt there was a big disconnect between regular people and their representatives in Madison,” Schmuki said in a press release. “Money has insinuated itself into politics, process and policy to a degree we’ve not experienced before.

“It seems as if when there’s a choice to be made between the needs of the people and special interests, the people’s needs lose out. State ethics scandals are not behind us, and will not be until significant changes are made to the way we do business. No real change has been enacted in these two years.”

Darryl Enriquez forgot to ask Schmuki how he feels about Favre retiring.

Meanwhile, Enriquez reports Kramer managed to catch the Packer theme of the day. Paul Hornung appeared at a fundraiser for Kramer today.

Speaking of Kramer, former Green Bay Packers great Paul Hornung will be the draw at a political fund raiser for the incumbent being held toninght at the Nice Ash cigar bar, starting at 5 p.m.*

Maybe he’ll have a comment or two on Brett Favre’s retirement.

*I’m sure my invitations were lost in the mail.

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