Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Favre should take up sculpting as a hobby


Forget sending text messages with naughty pictures of private parts.  Quarterback Brett Favre should consider self-portraiture in sculpture.

“I walked up and I was looking at his head and boom! This thing hits me right in the face,” Ms. Aderhold said.

The thing was the statue’s genitals, which are uncovered and at eye level to the adult viewer. She was being metaphorical. They didn’t actually strike Ms. Aderhold in the face. But they could have.

Ms. Aderhold kept walking, but all day long, shoppers and tourists alike stop at the bubble-figured 12-foot-tall Adam by the Colombian artist Fernando Botero that greets visitors and provides perhaps the most memorable Manhattan meeting spot since the clock in the Biltmore Hotel. And when they stop, they often touch, grasp, pat or rub the statue’s small but prominent penis, while a friend or relative takes a photo.

Grab. Smile. Click. Next.

Just on the other side of the Williams-Sonoma store stands Adam’s partner, Eve. She gets her share of attention, too, but not as much physical contact.

Most of Adam is a deep dark brown; his penis, though, is worn golden from extensive handling.

Hey, a picture may be worth a thousand words, a possible suspension by the NFL, and a very nasty lawsuit, but a statue says, “hey, look at me” in a whole different kind of way.

For some reason, this song sprang to mind,

The meaning of the song is, well, not exactly abstract.

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