Sunday, January 20th, 2019

Feeling sorry for themselves at the Obama White House


“Every president inherits challenges. Few have faced so many.” Those are the actual words of an ad for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.

Does Obama really believe that? Is he so ignorant of this country’s history? Are the British burning down the White House and besieging Baltimore? Is the country on the brink of Civil War? Are the Germans sinking our ships and plotting with Mexico to retake the southwestern states? Are the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor? Are we under the constant threat of a full-scale nuclear war against an ideological opponent like the Soviet Union? Are we blockading Cuba at the moment because the Soviets are putting missiles there? Are there terrorists flying airplanes into our tallest buildings and attacking the Pentagon?

What strikes me about the challenges Obama has faced since taking office, is just how few of them he has been willing to face. He’s added more debt in four years than his predecessor did in eight. Unemployment has been consistently above 8%. The country has not had a budget in three years. We face the threat of a renewed Al Qaeda organization, in part because of the vacuum of leadership in the Middle East. Europe is on the verge of seeing over 60 years of economic cooperation being undone by a debt crisis.

These aren’t problems that other presidents avoided. Other presidents faced similar problems, and worse. But this president’s answer when terrorists kill our ambassador to Libya and three other people? Go golfing and then spend the next few weeks trying to work out a good cover story when nobody believes it was a YouTube video.

I’ve joked before about how Obama makes me miss the days of President Bill Clinton. Clinton took office after a recession. The Cold War just ended and he had to sort through that aftermath. NATO was completely paralyzed by the situation in the former Yugoslavia where genocide was occurring on the European continent. And that’s just what he walked into.

Whatever else I thought of Clinton, I don’t recall him being nearly as whiny as Obama. He didn’t even complain about how the problems he faced cut into the time for his social life.

Somebody needs to give Obama a little of Don Corleone’s wisdom:

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