Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Feingold loses his cool


The Milwaukee Drum, an African American-oriented news site, reports Senator Russ Feingold lost it on the air today while being interviewed by Sheriff David Clarke and Earl Ingram.

The Senator ended the interview suddenly after co-host Sheriff David Clarke asked a two-part question. Clarke’s question dealt with Congress adding ‘earmarks’ to the Iraqi War Funding requests and the lack of jobs created by the stimulus package. Instead of answering the damn question, he bailed out of the interview by saying he had to go.

In my opinion, Sen. Feingold showed the ultimate in disrespect to Earl Ingram and his listening audience (Black Folks, Black Voters, you Black Democrats). The beat goes on for these Liberal, White Men who take YOUR Black Vote for granted. They know YOU will NEVER consider voting against a Democrat. They know they OWN you mind, body and vote. They CONTROL YOU BLACK PEOPLE…

Ht: Badger Blogger

Now we know why our cool maverick senator hates free speech. He can’t take it, even in a friendly forum.

What would he do in a real debate during campaign season? Throw something?

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