Monday, November 20th, 2017

Field report from the Sarah Palin rally


“No fist is big enough to hide the sky.” – African proverb

A friend was at the rally in Madison today. She was attending with two of her children and two other women, one of them elderly walking with a cane. The protestors literally blocked them from getting to their seats. There was a security phone number they could send a text message to, but security never came. The protestors mockingly suggested they go over to security (clear on the other side of the rally) for assistance, but that was not likely to happen since the protestors were blocking their way.

She said she tried to hear the event, and did manage to hear Sarah Palin, but much of the event was drowned out by the protestors blowing horns and chanting. Ironically, they were chanting “this is what Democracy looks like.”

She said it was even worse than when she attended the rally in February.

(Once again the Capitol Police were directing the Tea Party attendees through the protestors as if they were hoping for an incident. At some point Department of Administration Mike Huebsch is either going to make Chief Charles Tubbs responsible for keeping order at the Capitol, or perhaps Huebsch should not continue to hold his current position. It is absolutely ridiculous that the police cannot keep order. It’s not like the events today took them by surprise. What the Wisconsin State Journal calls “a deft hand” I call a dereliction of duty.)

Between breaking into the Recall Hansen office and the thuggish behavior by the protestors in Madison, the left is showing that there are no depths they will leave unplumbed.

Fortunately the voters rejected the left’s tactics on April 5th with the re-election of Justice David Prosser. That’s what democracy really looks like.

Update! Jessica Arp of WISC-TV reports that one person was arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Apparently “pretty please with sugar on top” didn’t work with nthat protestor. I wonder if Chief Tubbs broke down and cried when his non-arrest record was broken.

She also tweeted: “Noticable today: there is no fencing, security like any of the past tea party rallies I have covered here. Protesters are mixing.”

The Capitol Police are just encouraging a real tragedy by their actions.

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