Friday, November 24th, 2017

Fight! Fight! Fight!


It’s a throw-down, smack-down wrestle-palooza. Bill Christofferson, front man for a Jim Doyle tribute band, was so enraged by WTMJ hiring that… that… woman… sputter… Jessica McBride that he attacked WTMJ radio saying the station hired Jeff Wagner as a fill-in host in 1994 when he was running for state attorney general. Only problem, it wasn’t true, and Sykes and Wagner called him on it. Wagner demanded and received a correction (quickly I may add), although I wouldn’t exactly say Bill’s heart was in it.

OK, I could be wrong. Maybe what I remember is defeated AG candidate Jeff Wagner filling in for Sykes in 1998, when Doyle was again running for AG, and bashing Doyle every day. That may be slightly more ethical, I guess, but it still

Christofferson then asked for a correction and apology from Sykes. Sykes is refusing to budge. Perhaps Christofferson should be grateful Sykes doesn’t refer to him as former Mayor John Norquist’s chief apple-polisher.

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