Saturday, November 18th, 2017

Finding Christians in a church


I confess to not having a great deal of sympathy for the aldermen in Cudahy who would rather enforce their zoning regulations than work with the local churches in assisting the homeless this winter. I think the decision of the churches to offer all-night prayer services to get around the zoning issue showed far more cleverness, and Christian charity, than the supposed community leaders.

It took a little ingenuity in Waukesha to figure out what to do about sheltering the homeless, but eventually a solution was found. With a little prayer and a little goodwill by the city leaders, I’m sure Cudahy will find a solution, too.

As for the alderman complaining about “stinky” and “drunk” people, given the number of taverns in Cudahy, I don’t think Cudahy aldermen ought use those qualifiers for excluding people from their city limits lest the city is nearly emptied in the process.

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