Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Firefighters backing Rebecca


Wisconsin Lt Governor Rebecca Kleefisch received the endorsement of the Milwaukee Professional Firefighters, despite her opponent, Mahlon Mitchell, serving as President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin.

From the press release:

Dave Seager, president of the Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association expressed support for Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch saying, “Today, we Milwaukee firefighters are proud to announce our endorsement of Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch for the June 5th recall elections. The Lieutenant Governor has consistently stood for the betterment of Wisconsin and has shown great support for us and our fellow first responders across the state. We look forward to seeing a continuation of good things in Wisconsin under the Lt. Governor’s watch.”

Responding to the endorsement, Lieutenant Governor Kleefisch reinforced her commitment to Milwaukee’s firefighters:

“I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the endorsement of the Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association,” stated Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. “These brave and selfless individuals continually make Wisconsin a safer place for all our citizens. I am honored and humbled by their support, and I look forward to continuing my work to support their efforts and the efforts of all firefighters across Wisconsin.”

Imagine that. Even firefighters prefer Kleefisch over one of their own.

Trivia time: What do Mahlon Mitchell and Rebecca Kleefisch have in common? They both praised Governor Scott Walker for Act 10.

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