Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Fireworks in the Milwaukee County Executive Race. No, really.


Okay, who hasn’t wanted to throw lit fireworks over the fence at Michael Hupy?

A Milwaukee Municipal judge hit Abele with another warrant in late 2006 for failing to appear at an arraignment hearing after he was ticketed for discharging fireworks in the city.

Specifically, Abele was accused of throwing a lighted firework over his fence at local attorney Michael Hupy, according to the police citation. Hupy had come over to Abele’s $2.6 million home on N. Lake Dr. on July 15, 2006, to complain that Abele was talking loudly and shooting off fireworks late in the evening.

Chris Abele is turning into a kind of bad boy candidate. College drop out. Drunk driver. Playing with explosives and throwing them at people. Doesn’t give a damn about parking tickets. Driving after revocation. Has never had a real job. Just spends his dad’s money. Has a worse record for showing up in court than Lindsay Lohan.

There’s still time left in the campaign. Abele should change his campaign slogan:

Chris Abele, one spoiled rich bad mo’ fo’. Watch out!

Next thing you know he’ll trying blowing up a skyscraper.

By the way, did anyone tell Abele to take it easy on St. Patrick’s Day? There are a whole bunch of law enforcement types, and I don’t think Abele can hide from an arrest now for seven years.

You know, Mr. Bernstein, if I hadn’t been very rich, I might have been a really great man.
Charles Foster Kane

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