Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

First sighting of the inevitable “Can’t we all get along?” columns


Ding. Ding. Ding. The winner of the contest to post the first “can’t we all just get along” column regarding today’s recall election is the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s Eugene Kane. As I predicted, there is not one mention of the left wing’s behavior that caused all of the division and rancor

However, he asks the readers not to gloat if their candidates win.

My hunch is that for some voters, even the slimmest margin of victory will justify the kind of celebrations worthy of those hot-dog football players who dance in the end zone. In this case, some have so much riding on “their guy,” you can’t expect them to act like they’ve been there before.

It’s hard to imagine Walker supporters not reveling in a successful rematch with Barrett that ends up reaffirming why they voted for him the first time around. If Barrett scores an upset win, I expect his supporters are going to want to crow about making state history and national headlines.

If Barrett pulls off the upset, I bet even Kane will do a few dance moves under the goal posts.

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