Sunday, August 18th, 2019

First signs of summer


On a nice day like today, it’s nice to think summer is coming soon.

My wife just visited the garden store with my daughter to pick up dirt, future vegetables, and play sand for the sandbox. I was hoping we could grow a steak or two.

I let my son try his hand at lawn mowing for the very first time the other day. The first pass was rather crooked, but the second and third tries were pretty good. Now if we can just put some weight on the boy so he can push down on the lawnmower handle to make the turn at the end of the row.

He also got his first scratch from a tree while cutting the grass. It’s an important rite of passage.

The ice cream truck just made it’s first pass of the year. Needless to say, our house is marked again as suckers for overpriced ice cream. The freezer is full of popsicles, but the kids think the freezer-burned overpriced popsicle from a truck tastes better.

Maybe the first one of the year really does taste better.

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