Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Fish tale


A fishing story this afternoon from our favorite personal injury attorney, Kelin Olson:

So I’m fishing this morning and run out of bait. I see a cottonmouth swim by with a frog in its mouth. Remembering frogs make decent bass bait, I grab the cottonmouth and remove the frog. Now I realize I have a problem…how do I get rid of the cottonmouth without getting bit?

 I remember the bottle of Jack Daniels I have in the cooler (for medicinal purposes of course) and pour some in his mouth. His eyes roll back, and I swear I see him smile. I toss him away and go back to fishing. About twenty minutes later I am about to pack up and go, I feel something bump against my foot. I look down, and I’ll be danged if it isn’t that cottonmouth…..with TWO frogs in his mouth.

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