Friday, November 17th, 2017

Football notes


Mark Mosley has found a columnist who actually believes Rex Grossman should go to the Pro Bowl instead of Tony Romo. A commenter on Mosley’s blog answers,

That guy must have a twin brother because no one person can be that stupid.

I’m thinking that a Chicago Tribune writer might have something against a quarterback originally from Wisconsin, but then sportswriters never allow their biases to control what they write.

The idjit.

Meanwhile, I have a question for Packer fans. If Bill Parcells was coaching the Green Bay Packers, after tonight’s performance Bubba Franks would:
a) be calling unemployment and reading a pamphlet on how to apply for food stamps
b) be deaf from Parcells screaming at him
c) discover he was cut during the coach’s postgame press conference
d) replaced by a former Parcells player from one of his past teams
e) all of the above

Yeah, don’t you wish Ron Wolf could’ve bagged the Tuna?

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