Saturday, November 18th, 2017

For some reason I had a different experience


The commercial:
I was sailing down the Zampezi river fighting off angry tribesmen and hungry crocodiles when I suddenly realized that I had forgotten my foot fungus prescription. After a short ride upstream on the back of an angry hippopotamus I discovered there was a Walgreens in my area – and they were open 24 hours! I went to the pharmacy counter, and the trained pharmacist found my prescription in the computer system and was able to give me my prescription in five minutes!

Thanks Walgreens.

The reality:
My doctor called Walgreens to phone in a prescription before 9:00am. At 11:00am, I pulled into my suburban Walgreens drive-thru.
“I’m here to pick up a prescription for James Wigderson.”
“Have you been to a Walgreens before for a prescription?”
Rolling my eyes, “Yes, yes I have.”
“Phone number please.”
After some shuffling around in the back, she said into the microphone, “I’m sorry, sir. We had trouble finding you in the system. Could you come back in about fifteen minutes?”

Thanks Walgreens.

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