Monday, November 20th, 2017

Forgot to turn off the radio upstairs


Michael Savage is on after Jessica McBride on WTMJ AM.

Which is the appropriate reaction? Instead of listening to Savage one minute more, I would rather…

  1. have lunch with Libertarians.
  2. stand on my front porch reciting Sophocles and gouging my eyes out with my bare hands.
  3. read Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged aloud.
  4. be stuck at a seminar seated at a table with Ann Coulter.
  5. be trapped in a movie theatre showing a Woody Allen marathon.
  6. listen to Bill Maher do an hour interview with Keith Olbermann.
  7. give up caffeine.
  8. get lessons on dating from Michael (Jackson) McGee Jr.
  9. be Mikel Holt trying to excuse away the latest behavior by Michael McGee Jr.
  10. be stuck in a room with Dave Berkmann, Joel McNally and Kathleen Dunn.
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