Sunday, August 18th, 2019

Former Governor Tommy Thompson endorses Brett Davis


From this morning’s Waukesha Freeman (still just five dimes), and I’m sure elsewhere.

To the editor:
After eight long years of Jim Doyle’s liberal policies, Wisconsin’s families, our seniors and our businesses are suffering. From Elroy to Elkhorn to Eagle River, people are struggling to pay their bills because of job loss, high taxes and big government. And because of the poor leadership in Madison, who have lost their way, it’s time to get our state back.

It’s time to elect strong leaders like Brett Davis. I’ve had the privilege to work closely with Brett in past. He worked for me as governor of Wisconsin and he worked for me as secretary of Health and Human Services. I know Brett Davis and he has the experience, the vision and the work ethic to be a very effective lieutenant governor. Wisconsin taxpayers need to get a better return on their investment for that office and we need someone with Brett’s strong experience to get the job done.

Brett has shown he can take the punches from the liberals and still come out on top. No one is better ready to help take back the governor’s office this year. Brett will work hard every day to eliminate fraud, waste and abuse in government and do everything he can to cut spending. He’ll also partner with the next governor to enact the innovative reforms we need to get people back to work, strengthen education and cut taxes. It is indeed a great time to be a Republican and I know you are going to be proud to join me in voting on Sept. 14 to elect Brett Davis for Wisconsin’s next lieutenant governor.

Tommy G.Thompson
Former governor of Wisconsin

For what it’s worth, mentioning Davis worked for Thompson at HHS hardly makes me feel better about Davis’ candidacy.

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