Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Forum adventure in the 97th Assembly District


Candidates for the 97th Assembly, County Supervisor Bill Kramer (R) and attorney Steve Schmucki (D), met Thursday morning at a candidate forum sponsored by the Waukesha County Chamber’s north and south side business councils. (A second candidate forum is scheduled for 7pm Wednesday at Ascension Lutheran Church, 1415 Dopp St, sponsored by Stewards of Prophetic, Hopeful, International Action*). Unfortunately I was not able to attend the Thursday forum, but judging from the newspaper report I didn’t miss much.

Schmuki promised to raise taxes through the roof and regulate the hell outta businesses until Wisconsin became a giant Berkeley without the sunshine. Bill Kramer promised that as a state legislator he would control spending better than he did as a county supervisor.

On health care, Schmuki wants Wisconsin to move to some sort of “universal health or comprehensive health care” for everyone. Kramer won the compassionate conservative award by announcing, “People who can’t afford insurance go to the emergency room for a bee sting.” (Coming soon in a Schmuki direct mailer to your house…)

Town residents will be happy to learn both candidates are in favor of annexations, Kramer for development and Schmuki for their water.

Did Schmuki see the television mini-series V?

Overheard recently at a Republican Party event: “Shouldn’t he be out campaigning?”

The Steve Schmuki report: I strongly suggest a look over at Two Heroes to learn what the Schmuki campaign has been up to. Fletch informs us Schmuki has been endorsed by Progressive Majority. Where have you heard that name before? They were the organization largely responsible for helping Larry Nelson become Waukesha’s openly Democratic mayor.

In addition, Schmuki’s campaign hasn’t been idle. From the Steve Schmucki campaign e-mail update:

Steve continues to be out and about in Waukesha, meeting residents he hopes will vote for him on November 7th. In addition to knocking on doors throughout the 97th Assembly district (most recently in Wards 5 and 6 in the City of Waukesha), he has enjoyed attending many events where he has met old friends and made new ones. The Waukesha Public Library public art unveiling, Art Fest in Cutler Park, La Casa’s golf outing, a fund raiser hosted by Mayor Larry Nelson and his wife Dawn Borowski, the Women’s Center walk and Saturday’s Art Crawl are among the most recent of these.

Schmuki has also decided to accept state funding rather than take PAC money, a decision probably influenced by Kramer’s weaker-than-expected fundraising.
In addition to his recent canvassing wards 5 & 6, Doreen from Waukesha reports the entire Carroll College area is swamped with Schmuki yard signs, and Chris Lufter told me Schmuki was out hitting doors during the primary. Unmentioned in the Schmuki campaign update or on Two Heroes, Schmuki was also present at the debate on gay marriage looking for votes.

Perhaps there’s more of a reason Mordecai Lee announced the district was in play than previously thought.

The Kramer report: Bill is out knocking on doors, as a few former Lufter supporters have reported. He is at least catching up to those who supported his primary opponent. In addition, Kramer received the endorsement of the National Rifle Association back on October 2nd. Unfortunately, there’s been little updating of his website since the primary (he still has audio clips of him and Chris Lufter on the front page). His next fundraiser is October 24th at the Country Springs Hotel (is there a law against Republican fundraisers being held someplace else?) – outside the district.

By the way, under “issues” on his website, Sanctity of Marriage is still “coming soon.” I’ll let you make your own jokes.

Republicans do have an advantage in the district. The race is still Kramer’s to lose. He better not lose it.

*I don’t make up the names, I just pass them along.

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